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Review & Remediation Services

Your Salesforce solution needs to be ‘fixed’ so that you can get high adoption levels. We will work with you to review your current solution and carry out root cause analysis. We will then put together a remediation plan. We will deliver what you need from process, data and technology perspective to get you back on track.





Diagnostic review
  • Clearly establish current state and desired state of Salesforce implementation.
  • Carry out gap analysis.
  • Workshop remedial actions and establish recovery plan.
  • Help carry out the plan and measure progress iteratively.



Business process
  • Streamline business processes that span across functions such as sales, delivery and finance.
  • Automate business processes to create efficiencies.
  • Avoid duplicate data entry by automating flow of data across applications.
  • Collaborate effectively within your business and with customers & partners.



data management
  • Proactively manage data quality, remove or fix bad data regularly to ensure you continue to get value from your Salesforce system.
  • Reorganise data using custom objects as your business needs change.
  • Create processes to upload leads and other data you import regularly.
  • Create processes to export data into your external reporting and other business applications.



Reporting & analytics
  • Get reports the way you want using Salesforce reporting or quick custom built reports.
  • Combine Salesforce data with data from other systems for your reporting.
  • Visualise data to get the big picture.
  • Analyse the data to generate actionable insights.



  • Correctly set up Salesforce Orgs including data access rights and permissions.
  • Create custom objects and relationships.
  • Deliver customisation using “clicks, not code” model to its fullest.
  • Develop VisualForce pages and Apex code as required.
  • Develop reports and analytics.



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