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Solution Discovery Services

Explore Salesforce to fully understand the capabilities from business as well as technology perspectives. Evaluate how Salesforce will meet your requirements out-of-the-box or through custom development. Develop a clear understanding of potential risks and costs involved.





Functional overview
  • Find out optimal Salesforce editions and licencing for your needs.
  • Learn how you could use Sales Cloud and Service Cloud out-of-the-box specifically in the context of your business.
  • Explore what it will take to optimise your business processes using “clicks, not code” customisations.
  • Learn what custom app development may need to be done in the context of your business.



Technology overview
  • Help understand the capabilities of Salesforce.com SaaS offerings from a technical perspective.
  • Help understand features and capabilities of force.com PaaS.
  • Understand benefits and limitations of customising with "clicks, not code”.
  • High level overview of Apex, Visualforce and Salesforce1 mobile.
  • Overview of development tools and techniques.



Trust, but verify
  • See the results before you start Salesforce implementation by building rapid prototypes.
  • Establish a clear vision of how your business will work after Salesforce implementation.
  • Minimize your investment and maximise the returns.
  • Get the certainty first by creating a proof of concept if something appears rather complex or risky.



Proof of concept
  • Design and develop a working prototype that may be used to secure executive sponsorship.
  • Identify technical risks and limitations for large custom development, design mitigation plan.
  • Help estimate timeframes and costs for large custom development.
  • Design and test integration interfaces including performance and reliability.



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