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  • Do you manage a small to medium Nonprofit?
  • Engage us to deliver an end to end solution to run all your operations on Salesforce. Right from Supporter management to integration with your accounting systems.
  • Alternatively, pick and choose only the specific services as and when you need.


Specialist Services for Nonprofits

Supporter management
  • Effectively use your grant of Salesforce licences and Nonprofit Starter Pack ( NPSP 3.0 ) from Salesforce Foundation. NPSP is a great starting point. We can quickly customise and implement it to meet your current needs and future direction.
  • Manage supporter contact details, supporter relationships among each other and households.
  • Keep track of grants, one-off donations, bequeaths and donors.
  • Manage recurring donations and payments.
  • Build and manage supporter communities.
  • Once again using Salesforce Foundation licence grant and NPSP, we can help you make your fund raising activities more effective and efficient.
  • Manage leads, opportunities (donations) and contacts (donors) with powerful Salesforce platform.
  • Effectively create and deliver fund raising campaigns.
  • Get the dashboards and reports you need to maximise your return on fundraising investment.
  • Keep supporters engaged to earn their long term & commitment and funding for your cause.
Volunteer management
  • Use off the shelf solution accelerators from Salesforce Foundation to quickly customise and implement your volunteer management programme.
  • Manage volunteers, jobs and the hours volunteers work for.
  • Manage ongoing and event specific volunteer jobs and shifts.
  • Recruit volunteers on your website, accept registrations for specific jobs, skills and shifts.
  • Integrate volunteer management with the rest of Nonprofit Salesforce platform.
data management
  • Import data from your current systems, spreadsheets and other sources. Clean and consolidate data before the import.
  • Proactively manage data quality, remove or fix bad data regularly to ensure you continue to get value from your Salesforce system.
  • Reorganise data using custom objects as your business needs change.
  • Create processes to upload leads and other data you import regularly.
  • Create processes to export data into your external reporting and other business applications.
  • Ensure your Salesforce system continues to adapt and become increasingly more valuable as your business needs evolve or you identify issues with current system.
  • Create new custom objects, custom fields and screens to capture additional information.
  • Create new or modify campaigns, email templates, mail merge templates, reports and dashboards.
  • Manage data - remove unwanted data, import data, cleanse and consolidate data in your system so that it accurately reflects correct information.
  • Get help with training, troubleshooting and quick how-tos.



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