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  New to Salesforce?
  • Get turnkey implementation done quickly at a fixed price.
  • Alternatively, get our help with specific parts of your project.



  Already have Salesforce?
  • Ask us what we can do to increase the ROI from your Salesforce investments.
  • Get an admin and support plan that delivers continuous improvement, not just passive support.

Turnkey Implementation Services


Atlas Consulting provide turnkey implementation services for custom built Salesforce applications as well as the flagship Sales Cloud & Service Cloud apps. We will take care everything from workshopping your business requirements to data conversion and go-live support.

Turnkey solutions driven by customer success
  • Workshop your business needs, brainstorm ideas and solutions.
  • Customise Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud as required.
  • Use our Solution Accelerators, where applicable, to deliver outcomes even faster.
  • Demonstrate project progress early and often using Agile methodology.
  • Develop additional functionality using force.com platform as required.
  • Develop additional custom dashboards, reports and analytics as required.
  • Develop custom integrations with any other systems as required.
  • Help reengineer business processes to take advantage of the new platform.
  • Migrate relevant data into the new platform.
  • Go-live and warranty support.
  • Ongoing going Salesforce admin and solution support.



À la carte Services


Don't need turnkey implementation? Choose only what you need.

Salesforce evaluation
  • Find out optimal Salesforce editions and licencing for your needs.
  • Learn how you could use Sales Cloud and Service Cloud out-of-the-box specifically in the context of your business.
  • Explore what it will take to optimise your business processes using “clicks, not code” customisations.
  • Learn what custom app development may need to be done in the context of your business.
Trust, but verify
  • See the results before you start Salesforce implementation by building rapid prototypes.
  • Establish a clear vision of how your business will work after Salesforce implementation.
  • Minimize your investment and maximise the returns.
  • Get the certainty first by creating a proof of concept if something appears rather complex or risky.
Business process
  • Streamline business processes that span across functions such as sales, delivery and finance.
  • Automate business processes to create efficiencies.
  • Avoid duplicate data entry by automating flow of data across applications.
  • Collaborate effectively within your business and with customers & partners.
Collaboration & engagement
  • Connect with and engage customers and prospects using social media.
  • Create customer self-service portals & communities.
  • Build partner portals to collaborate with partners more effectively.
  • Go mobile, quickly capture and act on those micro moments anywhere anytime.
  • Find entirely new ways of doing business leveraging innovations delivered by Salesforce.
  • Go from good to great by building amazing apps that wow your employees, customers and partners.
data management
  • Proactively manage data quality, remove or fix bad data regularly to ensure you continue to get value from your Salesforce system.
  • Reorganise data using custom objects as your business needs change.
  • Create processes to upload leads and other data you import regularly.
  • Create processes to export data into your external reporting and other business applications.
Reporting & analytics
  • Get reports the way you want using Salesforce reporting or quick custom built reports.
  • Combine Salesforce data with data from other systems for your reporting.
  • Visualise data to get the big picture.
  • Analyse the data to generate actionable insights.



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