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Salesforce.com Technical Services

Technology overview
  • Help understand the capabilities of Salesforce.com SaaS offerings from a technical perspective.
  • Help understand features and capabilities of force.com PaaS.
  • Understand benefits and limitations of customising with "clicks, not code”.
  • High level overview of Apex, Visualforce and Salesforce1 mobile.
  • Overview of development tools and techniques.
Proof of concept
  • Design and develop a working prototype that may be used to secure executive sponsorship.
  • Identify technical risks and limitations for large custom development, design mitigation plan.
  • Help estimate timeframes and costs for large custom development.
  • Design and test integration interfaces including performance and reliability.
Solution design
  • Design to leverage native apps and force.com technology.
  • Design to accommodate Salesforce.com built in limits.
  • Strike the right balance between “clicks, not code” automation and custom Apex development.
  • Design Salesforce custom objects and relationships with Schema builder.
  • Strike the right balance between online and batch Apex.
  • Design to leverage Salesforce built-in security model including profiles, role hierarchies, permissions.
  • Correctly set up Salesforce Orgs including data access rights and permissions.
  • Create custom objects and relationships.
  • Deliver customisation using “clicks, not code” model to its fullest.
  • Develop VisualForce pages and Apex code as required.
  • Develop reports and analytics.
Force.com app development
  • Develop managed or unmanaged packages.
  • Build apps that complement out-of-the-box Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
  • Build independent custom apps that use only force.com PaaS capabilities.
Mobile apps
  • UI & functionality prototyping.
  • Custom development using Salesforce1, HTML5, JQuery.
  • Custom hybrid development for iOS and Android platform.
  • Update and support current apps for newer devices.
System integration
  • Design and develop batch interfaces using Apex.
  • Message based integration using SOAP and Apex.
  • Real time integration using Apex & web services.
  • Custom tools for data import / export.
  • Integrate with other applications in the cloud or on premises applications.
Data migration
  • Review Salesforce data security model and object dependencies.
  • Design data import steps to fit in with security model and dependencies.
  • Prepare data for import.
  • Reorganise data to fit in with data import steps.
  • Import data using appropriate Salesforce or third party tools.
Admin & support
  • Manage users, roles, profiles and other configurations.
  • Break fix support including data related issues.
  • Data extracts and imports.
  • Changes to form layouts, validations and workflows.
  • AppExchange App support.



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