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Process Innovation Services

Take your Salesforce solution to the next level. Transform and integrate business processes. Use Salesforce technology to the hilt to drive business innovation. Realise the potential.





Business process
  • Streamline business processes that span across functions such as sales, delivery and finance.
  • Automate business processes to create efficiencies.
  • Avoid duplicate data entry by automating flow of data across applications.
  • Collaborate effectively within your business and with customers & partners.



Collaboration & engagement
  • Connect with and engage customers and prospects using social media.
  • Create customer self-service portals & communities.
  • Build partner portals to collaborate with partners more effectively.



  • Go mobile, quickly capture and act on those micro moments anywhere anytime.
  • Find entirely new ways of doing business leveraging innovations delivered by Salesforce.
  • Go from good to great by building amazing apps that wow your employees, customers and partners.



Reporting & analytics
  • Get reports the way you want using Salesforce reporting or quick custom built reports.
  • Combine Salesforce data with data from other systems for your reporting.
  • Visualise data to get the big picture.
  • Analyse the data to generate actionable insights.



Mobile apps
  • UI & functionality prototyping.
  • Custom development using Salesforce1, HTML5, JQuery.
  • Custom hybrid development for iOS and Android platform.
  • Update and support current apps for newer devices.



System integration
  • Design and develop batch interfaces using Apex.
  • Message based integration using SOAP and Apex.
  • Real time integration using Apex & web services.
  • Custom tools for data import / export.
  • Integrate with other applications in the cloud or on premises applications.



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